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Late May Bank Holiday

Late May Bank Holiday 2024, 2025 and 2026

The UK and the Isle of Man observe Late May Bank Holiday on the final Monday of May. This is in contradistinction from Early May Bank Holiday on the first Monday of the same month. This holiday is also known as Spring Bank Holiday and was originally a replacement-holiday for Whit Monday.

202427 MayMonLate May Bank Holiday
202526 MayMonLate May Bank Holiday
202625 MayMonLate May Bank Holiday
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Late May Bank Holiday is a relaxed, low-key observance for many. They may do little more than stay at home, see some friends, watch TV or listen to the radio, and clean up their home a bit. Many go on walks too, to take in the pleasant spring weather, and there are a few concerts, fairs, and other public events.

The beautiful scenery and abundant entertainment activities available on the Isle of Man make it a popular getaway spot for many on Late May Bank Holiday. The island’s central geographical position also makes it an ideal holiday retreat for many in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and western England.

Previous Years

202329 MayMonLate May Bank Holiday
20222 JunThuLate May Bank Holiday