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Summer Bank Holiday

Summer Bank Holiday 2022, 2023 and 2024

The final Monday of August is the Summer Bank Holiday on the Isle of Man, as well as in most of the UK except Scotland.

202229 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
202328 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
202426 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
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The main purpose of this holiday is to simply give families a chance to spend time together and enjoy the summer before colder weather starts to come in the fall. Right after Summer Bank Holiday, the kids return to school from summer holiday.

There are a lot of concerts, street festivals, and entertainment events that go on over the three-day weekend created by Summer Bank Holiday. A lot of people also work in their home gardens, take care of home improvement or repair projects, or catch up on chores they may have fallen behind on.

Many also visit the Isle of Man for the weekend, taking a sort of miniature vacation on a quaint little island in the Irish Sea.

Previous Years

202130 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
202031 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
201926 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
201827 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday
201728 AugMonSummer Bank Holiday