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Tynwald Day

Tynwald Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

The parliament of the Isle of Man, called the “Tynwald,” sits for a special session every 5 July, wherein all laws passed during the previous year that have gained royal approval are read aloud.

20245 JulFriTynwald Day
20255 JulSatTynwald Day
7 JulMonTynwald Day Holiday
20265 JulSunTynwald Day
6 JulMonTynwald Day Holiday
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The Tynwald proclaims the new laws from a mound called “Tynwald Hill” and meets in the Chapel of Saint John’s instead of their usual location in the town of Douglas. These traditions date back to the year 1417 and are sometimes referred to as “Midsummer Court.”

Other events taking place on Tynwald Day include: taking of oaths by those being sworn into office, inspection of the guard, a wreath-laying ceremony at the National War Memorial, a festive and colourful parade down traditional rush and flag lined pathways and a special service at Saint John’s Chapel.

And the events don’t stop after just one day. Instead, in recent years, an entire Manx National Week centred upon Tynwald Day has been celebrated on the Isle of Man. There are concerts, fairs, markets and a fireworks display held throughout the week.

Previous Years

20235 JulWedTynwald Day
20225 JulTueTynwald Day